eBook Web Load Testing For Dummies

This is certainly worth checking out if you are new to the web load testing arena.

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Co-written by industry veterans, Scott Barber and Compuware in-house product manager Colin Mason.

The book blurp:

eBook Web Load Testing For Dummies

Web applications that perform well can strengthen a company’s brand, reputation, and create customer loyalty. Web applications that perform poorly put all of that at risk. Web load testing is a critical component to any risk management plan for web applications.

You will learn:

  • The ins and outs of web load testing — know what to expect from web load testing
  • The importance of outside-in load testing — determine what the performance feels like to an actual user
  • Why and when to test — set goals, gather your team, and implement
  • How to manage ongoing analysis— monitor how your testing is going
  • How diagnostics tools combined with web load testing dramatically reduces time to problem resolution