Compuware Gomez Offers Industry’s First Free IPv6 Website Performance Comparison Test

From CBS 8th June 2011

In recognition of World IPv6 day, Compuware Gomez have released the industry’s first free IPv6 Website Performance Comparison Test.

This test allows organisations to compare the speed of their IPv4- and IPv6-enabled Web applications. The free Compuware Gomez IPv6 Website Performance Comparison Test is available at

With Internet Protocol IPv4 addresses running out this year, the industry must act quickly to prepare for IPv6 adoption or risk increased costs and limited functionality online for Internet users everywhere. With the migration to IPv6 already under way, it’s critical that organizations ensure their IPv6-enabled applications perform on par with their customers’ user experience expectations.

Compuware’s early analysis of IPv6-enabled sites shows that users generally experience slower response times when accessing them. “With the depletion of IPv4 addresses, the IPv6 transition will affect every business that touches the Internet and the cloud. So organizations need to be ready to ensure the best possible end user experience for this transition,” said Mark Worsey, CIO at GoGrid.

“With GoGrid’s cloud infrastructure powering Gomez’s IPv6 Website Performance Comparison Test companies can easily compare performance of their IPv4- and IPv6-enabled web applications.”

To use the Gomez IPv6 Website Performance Comparison Test the user submits URLs for IPv4- and IPv6-enabled Web sites. The test produces a waterfall chart that compares the response times of each of the sites and also shows a screen capture of the IPv6 and IPv4 pages as they are seen in an actual browser.

“IPv6 will play an important role in the future of the Internet, and until now there was no way to test the performance of IPv6-ready websites or compare them to the currently deployed IPv4 sites,” said Steve Tack, chief technology officer of Compuware application performance measurement business unit.

“This instant test provides a quick and simple way to measure the response times that a user experiences when using these two protocols and helps ensure organizations experience a smooth and successful transition to IPv6.”