SOASTA’s TouchTest is certainly a ‘game changer’

Screengrab of TouchTest in action

Screengrab of TouchTest in action

SOASTA’s launch today of TouchTest as part of the CloudTest family is certainly a great step forward for all those working with mobile applications and the need to performance test them.

The launch webinar today was certainly a sneak peak at what the new tool set can offer both the mobile developer community and professional QA tester alike.

The quick grab of the webinar slides, download here, will give many a gist of the key outline of features SOASTA’s new solution can support. Initially, shipping to support iOS based native applications with access to functional, automation and performance testing capabilities from the outset. It looks like Android support won’t be far behind and the road map looks to support web applications as well as hybrid, which many developers have now deployed.

What is certainly to SOASTA’s credit is the accessibility of this new addition to their product suite. A real commitment to all those involved in testing their mobile applications, be it the single one man band rather than those large enterprises with deep pockets.

The point being, TouchTest will have a ‘free’ entry point to enable single users to at least explore the possibilities of utilising the tool on a single device to start with.

SOASTA announced the beta program and open with pricing from the outset. A link to the sign up for the beta here.

Hats off to SOASTA for what looks to be an exciting product in a space that has been too expensive to access such a tool set or frankly falling short of what both developers and clients demand.