Crittercism. Announcing a New Site: Industry-First Mobile Benchmarks

From Crittercism  on October 22, 2014

What is

We are excited to introduce, which gives you up-to-date insight into the state of the mobile industry. These insights are based on aggregated (and anonymized) data from our mobile application performance management solution, which monitors over 1B users and tens of thousands of mobile apps. provides detailed information about the mobile landscape, including benchmark data about:

– Crash rates
– Latencies / responsiveness
– Adoption

The reports also show different factors such as platform, geographies, and devices that all affect end user experience. Below are example graphs and reports.

See crash rates and usage across major mobile platforms:


Understand how the top devices are performing:


Get insight into how responsiveness and latency vary by location and Carrier or WiFi networks:


Who should use this?

Since Crittercism began releasing data, such as the recent iOS 8 Performance Data, and Mobile Benchmark Reports, we have seen tremendous interest from many folks in the mobile industry.  We built help provide market level insight for practitioners, including:

– Industry experts interested in how the experience and performance on the latest devices, mobile platforms, or networks is trending
– Mobile developers, engineers, and operations teams that want to benchmark their app’s performance
– Mobile app business owners prioritizing mobile investments and trying to understand the relative health of their mobile portfolio
– …and anybody curious about mobile industry trying to understand global trends for mobile performance and experiences

What’s next? is available today.  Hop over to the site today and explore the mobile benchmark data.  We also plan to keep updating this over time with new reports to provide insight on new trends in mobile.

In addition, this data is the tip of the iceberg.  If you would like to get actionable insights about how your own mobile application is performing, then try Crittercism’s mobile application performance management solution today.


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