Compuware acquires dynaTrace



Taken from latest press release 6/7/2011.

By joining forces, Compuware and dynaTrace aim to create the new standard in optimising application performance.  Both organisations can now have a groundbreaking solution that delivers visibility into the performance of every transaction, from development through test and into production.

Who is dynaTrace?

dynaTrace provides the world’s most accurate and detailed view of application behavior. By offering a next-generation solution that helps deliver high-performing applications, dynaTrace has emerged as the fastest growing new application performance management (APM) company in the world. Based in Boston, this global, 180-person company has grown an astounding 125 percent (CAGR) over the last five years and has compiled an impressive list of more than 400 blue-chip customers, including Thomson Reuters,, BBVA, Sony AG, LinkedIn, Hamburg Sud and USAA, just to name a few. Through the unparalleled value offered through its unique “PurePath” technology that provides complete visibility into the performance of every transaction, dynaTrace boasts a 92 percent win rate over traditional, legacy vendors that offer far-less dependable results based on averages and correlations. dynaTrace is the new generation of application performance management.
Why is Compuware making this acquisition?
In dynaTrace, Compuware has acquired a world-class technology and team that strengthens its APM offering to meet growing market trends.

Today’s fast-paced and ultra-competitive business environment demands a combined Compuware and dynaTrace APM solution because:

• The pace of business demands IT agility. Applications must be built quickly — and built to perform — through cloud-based, agile and traditional approaches. Simultaneously, operations organizations must cope with making applications perform at their best despite the constant evolution needed to meet business demands.
• Every customer transaction matters more than ever before, as they all drive revenue, brand and satisfaction. And customer expectations for peak performance will never waver.
• The explosion of complexity in devices and technologies has created new channels for revenue, customer interactions and cost reductions. To take advantage of this ever-increasing complexity, IT must manage performance across the entire application delivery chain.
• Data smog, the overabundance of monitoring tools and “siloed” blind spots, create confusion and finger-pointing, making problem resolution either impossible or too slow. IT and business executives need to see clear, actionable information at the right time.

These are significant sea changes in the way applications are built, tested and deployed. It’s no longer about whether an application works — it’s about how fast it works, how many devices it must support and how much competitive advantage it can drive. This dynamic has changed buying behaviors, as businesses look for APM-solution partners that can meet these widespread and growing challenges.

Combining dynaTrace’s powerful technology with Compuware’s market-leading Gomez APM solution creates a unique solution to do just that, setting the new standard for this category and placing Compuware in the dominant position in our $6 billion segment of the APM market.

What does dynaTrace technology do?

dynaTrace’s breakthrough, patented technology provides CIOs, IT operations, development teams and line of business leaders with real-time, highly detailed and actionable information about the performance of every transaction across the entire application delivery chain — from browser to database. Used seamlessly by development, testing and operations teams, dynaTrace allows organizations to eliminate performance issues before applications are launched and rapidly resolves problems once in production.

How do Compuware customers benefit from this acquisition?

With the combined Compuware and dynaTrace solution, customers receive the industry’s only true, seamless application life-cycle coverage that:

• eliminates data smog and blind spots
• provides the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate transaction coverage to ensure every user interaction performs optimally
• offers the market’s broadest application coverage, which is critical to fully taking advantage of agile and cloud technologies
• and delivers unparalleled first-mile-to-last-mile visibility to quickly identify and resolve performance problems across the application delivery chain.
In addition to receiving the world’s most powerful and effective application-performance solution, customers also enjoy the cost-savings and efficiencies associated with implementing a single, integrated APM platform.
What are Compuware’s plans for dynaTrace?

There are no major technology or personnel changes planned, and Compuware will retain dynaTrace’s global offices. The dynaTrace management team will join Compuware and will continue to lead the dynaTrace team.
What does this announcement mean for dynaTrace customers?

There will be no changes or interruptions for dynaTrace customers as dynaTrace will continue to operate as it does today. Additionally, there are no changes planned to the sales or support teams. dynaTrace customers will continue to purchase dynaTrace products as they currently do and will continue to work with the same sales and support teams.

 What is the go-to-market strategy after the acquisition?

Compuware intends to retain the dynaTrace sales and marketing teams, including both its direct and inside sales teams. Compuware and dynaTrace will leverage their synergies and launch combined go-to-market activities.

How will this announcement affect dynaTrace’s product roadmap?

dynaTrace’s product roadmap will essentially remain unchanged. Going forward, dynaTrace and Compuware will leverage additional product integration.

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