Aptimize going mobile

Looking forward to having a look at this particulat development as working with a key client with strong m.website presence….

Sneak Peek: WAX 3.1 Is Going Mobile

We’re putting the finishing touches on WAX 3.1 and want to give the world a sneak peek into one of the most exciting breakthroughs that we have worked on at Aptimize.

WAX 3.1 will soon launch with all-new, industry-first capabilities for accelerating websites on mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

These mobile capabilities will be available initially as part of WAX 3.1 for the Linux and Solaris platforms.  SharePoint and Windows platform support will be coming soon after.  And, for a limited time, the new mobile capabilities will be free to existing and new customers.

We’re very excited about WAX 3.1- particularly because we have received so many requests and inquiries from customers who wanted to optimize their sites for performance on mobile devices.

The full details on the product will be available as we get closer to the official release, but to give you a sense of the new capabilities, here are some of the specifics:

WAX 3.1 will have six core optimization features for mobile devices:

  • Compression: All text-based features like HTML, XML, Script, StyleSheets are automatically deflated or compressed to reduce size.
  • Minification: Comments and whitespace are automatically removed from JavaScript and StyleSheet files to reduce size.
  • Resampling: JPEG images are re-sampled to reduce size.  Non-JPEGs can optionally be converted to JPEG and re-sampled automatically.
  • Aggressive Caching: All non-HTML resources are cached on the device’s browser cache with far-future-expires to dramatically reduce load times and data traffic for repeat views.
  • Auto URL versioning: Resources in cache are automatically refreshed if the resource is updated on the server.
  • Resource re-ordering: The oder of resource loading inside the HTML file is adjusted to reduce the start render time of the page in the device’s browser.
What type of mobile performance can you expect from WAX 3.1?
For most web pages, these features will give an estimated 30-50% reduction in web page load times on mobile devices.
If you’ve loaded any full web page on your iPhone lately you know exactly how painful the experience can be.  Just imagine if those pages could load 50% faster.  This is an incredible improvement for mobile visitors to your site, and will undoubtedly change your perception of the mobile experience.
For year’s smartphone users across the globe have grown accustom to painfully slow load times.  With WAX 3.1, you can provide your visitors with the fastest mobile experience on the web.
Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks – WAX 3.1 will usher in the mobile experience of the future, and we’re eager to show the world what we’ve been able to build.

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