New blog launched by OPNET: Application Performance Matters.

A new blog has been launched by OPNET called “Application Performance Matters”.  OPNET aims to develop a  new forum for discussion on APM concepts, techniques, challenges, and directions.
APM and more generally, IT Service Assurance, is an area of utmost importance to business because virtually every enterprise today is driven by processes and information. Software applications, which started out as a means to enhance productivity and enforce policies, have now evolved into the very embodiment of these processes and the reference model of an organization’s approach to conducting business.
Today, the question of whether a change to organisational practices can be implemented is virtually inseparable from the question “can we do that in our systems?”
Given the fundamental role of applications, and the increasing complexity and sophistication of application architectures, managing performance has become a hotbed of activity. There is much information to share in this area. The technologies of APM continue to evolve rapidly, as does the entire IT environment.
Many enterprises at varying stages of adopting APM wish to learn about approaches that would enable them to reap the most benefit. The blog aims to cover a full spectrum of topics, ranging from detailed technical problem solving all the way to organisational best practices.
Their first post is intended to define an initial set of terms to serve as a basis for future discussion. Download the “APM: An Evolving Lexicon” whitepaper. We hope you enjoy participating in “Application Performance Matters” and find it useful to your initiatives and daily activities in APM.

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