Mobile website or dedicated app? Some things to consider…

I have been looking at the latest Gomez developments for mobile website monitoring. These largely focus upon synthetic monitoring from key mobile networks.

You may well be thinking about a mobile website strategy or have already decide upon a path. Maybe a dedicated app, or mobile website or possibly both.  I am sure for many there will be major budget considerations to ponder. So, with limited resources maybe under presssure to decide upon a particular route.

Here some of our observations from talking to clients when deciding between investing in a mobile applications instead of designing a mobile website.

  • One device and operating system or many? App: Apps work only on the device for which they are designed. Website: A mobile site will work across platforms.
  • Target audience. App: Smaller, niche audience. Website: Larger audience reach, serves the needs of more users. “If you have a limited budget, consider the cost of developing an app versus the size of the audience who can use it,”
  • Being found. App: “The growing number of apps is staggering, so consider how yours will be found,” she says. Website: Your mobile website will benefit from, and easily integrate with, other marketing components.
  • User experience. App: “The best apps are feature-rich and integrate seamlessly with the device’s capabilities (like GPS),” Website: “A simple clean interface for the mobile Web can serve needs just as well for more users.”
  • Start-up and maintenance costs. App: Costs more to develop and maintain with more updates as devices change. Website: Lower development costs, easier to update and longer lifetime.
  • ROI: Purposeful or popular? App: Apps are considered hip and trendy. Website: The mobile web will be bigger than desktop in five years.

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