Gomez Announces New, Free Instant Website Test

Reveals How Websites Perform from the Customers’ Perspective

Understanding how websites perform for users around the world is now as simple as typing in a URL, thanks to the new, free Instant Test Site from Gomez, Inc., a leading provider of web application experience management services. Testing website performance from outside a business’ firewall — from its customers’ perspective — is a more accurate way of identifying issues like slow page loads and outages so that businesses can ensure their web applications keep running, their revenues keep flowing, and their customers have quality web experiences.

The new Gomez service lets anyone instantly test the response time of their website or web application from up to ten international testing nodes without having to download or install any software or create any scripts. Simply visit www.gomez.com/testyoursite, enter the URL to be tested, select a node and within seconds the site returns a comprehensive performance report revealing the load speed of each object on the page. This granular detail helps businesses establish a performance baseline and prioritize troubleshooting by rapidly identifying the root cause of issues such as missing images, erroneous third party content, or ISP bottlenecks. The service can be used to conduct multiple tests of the same URL to compare results over time or from different locations around the world.

In addition to running free, on-demand performance tests, the site provides a video tutorial featuring tips for interpreting results, remedying issues and improving overall web performance. It is also a springboard to a micro site of educational materials about web performance measurement best practices and case studies.

“In today’s economy, it’s important to protect every dollar of online revenue, and a customer’s first impressions of your website can be the difference between a sale or a fail,” said Eric Schurr, SVP of marketing at Gomez. “Taking the Gomez Instant Test is a free and easy way to understand if technical issues are impeding the performance of your website and impacting your customers’ experiences.”

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